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"Clean Tile Removal" Does Not = "Dust Free Tile Removal" In Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale

When it comes to dust-free tile removal – there’s no competition for the DustRam™ System.

Traditional tile removal methods are messy and time consuming. And, if you’re particular about the cleanliness of your home – the last thing you want is a sub-par tile removal system spitting dust, dirt and debris through the air you and your family breathe.

The DustRam™ System process for tile removal was developed with the homeowner in mind. We are well aware of the risks and health hazards that traditional tile removal methods create. In fact, improper removal of tile can be one of the most dangerous and unhealthy things you can do inside the walls of your living environment. That’s why we developed our patent pending dust-free tile removal system – to keep you and your family safe, and to keep your home clean and beautiful.

DustRam™ is the only truly dust free tile removal system and service in existence.

Other “clean tile removal" companies have come on the scene claiming to remove some, most or a majority of the dust in the process. What if a carwash claimed to remove some, most or a majority of the dirt from your vehicle? Or, if a surgeon claimed to remove some, most or a majority of the cancer? It’s not acceptable in these scenarios and it’s certainly not acceptable when the health and cleanliness of your household is on the line.

“Clean” tile removal does not = Dust Free Tile Removal

  • Our competitors use cheap tools and tile removal equipment that cannot compare to the quality and reliability of our patented pending DustRam™ System.
  • During tear outs, their chipping hammer dust collection devices clog – often within seconds of operation.
  • As these devices begins to clog, dust becomes introduced into the surrounding air – and there is no capturing it once it gets away.
  • Their small grinders regularly leak dust into the air.
  • Be sure to check out our tile installation referral page under our phoenix home improvement section.

More value with DustRam™ System

Other tile removal companies may charge less per square foot, but that savings will quickly be lost when you need to hire professionals to come in and clean up the mess they leave in your home, or repair the damage made to the concrete with their systems.

  • Save time and money by eliminating the clean-up process.
  • Our system is more efficient so you can move on to the next phase of your project more quickly.
  • During the thinset removal process, our grinders are also flattening your out of tolerance concrete, making it flatter to allow large format tile and wood to be installed much easier and faster.
We could  go on and on about the benefits of the DustRam™ System for Saltillo, Stone, Slate, Porcelain, Thinset and Tile removal:
  • Ultra-clean, dust-free tile removal system protects your beautiful home
    • The DustRam™ System is so ultra clean there is no need for plastic sheeting to protect against the dust.
    • The doors and windows of your home can remain closed while the tile is being removed.
    • There is no need to shut off your heating and cooling system at any time during the DustRam™ tile-removal process.
    • Your Central Air Handling System and Ductwork remains safe from damage.
    • Not only do we capture the dust, but your home will be cleaner than when we arrived.

Top-of-the line tile removal equipment you can trust

  • The complete DustRam™ System package of equipment is valued at more than $90,000.  Compare our professional equipment to the equipment of our competitors, which is likely to cost only a few hundred dollars.
  • The DustRam™ System vacuums and vacuum accessories is valued at $30,000.
    • Just one of our vacuums with it's corresponding accessories is valued at $5,000.
    • We have 6 vacuum systems ready to use in your home or business.  This means we have the equipment to handle and process extremely large volumes of dust quickly and efficiently!
  • Our equipment does not clog...EVER!
    • Our specialized and military grade patent-pending DustRam™ is just one of our many inventions designed to professionally capture dust.
    • With a projected service life of over 25 years, a DustRam™ is fail-proof at capturing dust.
    • Compare this to a cheap $50-$100 plastic or rubber device – which wears out quickly, clogs repeatedly and leaks dust during the course of a job.
  • Our grinders and shrouds have been fabricated for the specific purposes of capturing high volumes of dust accurately and predictably – minute after minute, hour after hour, job after job.
  • Our military grade equipment contained in the DustRam™ System will outperform any equipment our competitors will have to offer.

The DustRam™ System offers efficient, super-fast grinders to prep your floors for installation

The DustRam System tile removal process flattens the higher spots, while preserving the thinset in the lower spots.

  • Notice the mottling effect in the picture?  Only our patent pending process of thinset removal leaves your concrete floors flatter and closer to installation readiness.
  • Competitor's process using tile scrapers or chisels can't professionally or scientifically address out of tolerance issues in the concrete.
  • Our grinders will make your concrete floors flatter than they were before – it’s like getting floor prep while removing the tile and thinset!
  • Our process for removing thinset significantly flattens your subfloor, leaving it either flat, or at the very least, much, much closer to a flatter tolerance than it was previously.
  • Concrete leveling and floor leveling using the complete DustRam™ System, is what every wood or tile installer could ever dream of installing a floor over.  Seriously!
  • If you have large cracks or humps in your subfloor after removing the flooring, the DustRam™ System equipment can take care of those...dust free.
    • Our competitors’ tiny grinders can't cope with large humps or cracks without taking at least 20 times longer and creating significant amounts of dust along the way.

For additional videos fully demonstrating the entire process from start to finish, please visit our Arizona Home Floors YouTube Channel or DustRam™ YouTube Channel.

If you’re concerned about the health and cleanliness of your home during a tile-removal project, the only truly dust-free system is DustRam™.  Call us today for a quote, or to speak to a DustRam™ System tile-removal expert about your unique project needs.  480-659-3199 

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