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Let’s face it, there are many companies in the United States that perform both traditional removal of carpet and also the more difficult glued down removal of carpet flooring, but how many of them can grind or profile your concrete flooring?

Not many, in fact, most companies don’t even like to show videos of the methods they use to prepare floors because of the dust created.  There are regulations about silica dust exposure that we take very seriously.  Some companies don’t do anything to protect their workers or the homeowner, we do care.

You might be thinking that removing carpet and pad should not be dusty, in that regard, you are correct but the real concern should be whether or not your floors will be ready for new flooring installation.

Every installer and homeowner should be concerned with the condition of the concrete floors prior to starting the installation of tile, hardwood, plank or vinyl flooring.  If the concrete floors are not clean, there could be a major bonding issue and you could have loose or hollow sounding tiles down the road.

Sometimes, installers guarantee the new flooring will last the lifetime of the homeowner, but they usually say this is only the case if the floors are prepared beforehand.

We at Arizona Home Floors are your go-to business for removing paint, glue and contaminants from your formerlly carpeted areas dust free!

We use the patented dustless DustRam system of flooring removal tools to remove the carpeted flooring and get you back down to bare concrete.

Please note that we are not in the business of installing floors, simply put, we are a dustless removal company and the process we use to remove the old glue, stains, paint overspray and other floor contaminants is very simple, see the video above to learn more.

before carpet removed

Click to see what to expect once the floors are removed, look at what is under your carpet

To the left you will see what your concrete floors will typically look like after Arizona Home Floors removes your carpet, pad and tackstrip then grinds the floor, removing paint overspray, glue, and other contaminants.

after carpet removed

Click to see after we grind (profile) the floors where your carpet was

To the right is what to expect once the floors have been ground (profiled) back to the bare concrete subfloor, removing hundreds of micro high spots in the process.

You might have been searching for how to remove carpet because you are the type who likes to do it yourself.  There are carpet floor removal services all over the Phoenix metro area, but how many have a dust free system like the DustRam?  Only Arizona Home Floors.

We remove the carpet padding, tack strips, nails and can get you back down to a clean and bare concrete subfloor.  In over 95% of cases, your formerly carpeted area is now ready for new flooring.

Don’t waste time having your carpet cleaned or stains removed when you can just replace your old carpet with new tile or even new carpet that is more modern looking.  The cost to remove carpet determines on several factors, but overall, it’s pretty inexpensive for most homeowners.

How Much it Costs to Remove Carpet

The going rate for traditional companies that remove carpeted areas changes depending on what they are removing, for us, we can give you all the information you need over the phone depending on where you live, what floors your carpet is on and so on.

before carpet removed

CLICK to see before the floors are ground under this formerly carpeted area

Please contact us at Arizona Home Floors today at (480) 418-1635 to get a quote on the complete package, which includes removing all of your carpet, pad and tackstrip as well as performing our concrete grinding or profiling service.

after carpet removed

CLICK to see before the floors are ground under this formerly carpeted area

We also include disposal of old carpet in our price quote.

By the time we are done, you might feel like you are standing on a brand new floor, without all of the dirt, soil, odor, old glue, gum, paint over-spray, adhesives, or pet urine stains from your cat and dog and contaminants built up over the years.

Traditional carpet removal companies can’t match the speed and cleanliness of our DustRam system, they don’t have our equipment.

We can go over the average cost with you on the phone, you can also email us pictures if you are curious about what the cost will be.


For most states, you will want a company that is licensed, bonded and also insured, preferably, with an A+ BBB rating like our company.

The best advice we can offer customers who are thinking about removing their carpet is to consider what they are planning on putting down afterward.

Will it be new carpet, a laminate floating floor, new wood look tile or perhaps they might just want to have a stained concrete floor instead of dealing with either of the other two options?

It’s important to make sure that you don’t assume that you can go immediately to staining your concrete floor, you might have a condition known as “soft concrete” which occurs when the builders use excess water when pouring your concrete foundation.

Another thing that can happen is that if it rains when your home is being built and the roof is not yet in place, then you potentially also have soft concrete, either way, you might want to have a plan B if this is the case, never assume you can jump into staining your floors, call us for more details.

We use the right tools and right machines to get the job done dust free and fast.

Learn more about concrete grinding and silica dust by clicking here.

Please contact us at Arizona Home Floors today at (480) 418-1635

Our process uses no plastic and no water, unlike the other cheaper alternatives out there.

Traditional companies cannot remove adhesives without creating dust, but with our patented dust free DustRam System, we can remove everything dust free, from start to finish.

For old carpet removal, reach out to us today.  Stop bothering with removing stains or gum or dealing with odors such as pet urine.

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