Arizona Home Floors has offered dustless flooring removal since 2008, longer than anyone and if you are looking for a dust free company, please know that we typically bring out five or more well-trained crew members and at least $500,000 worth of equipment. Peoria tile removal

The custom made PulseRam vacuum systems cost nearly $13,000 each and we bring eight vacuums to a home or business, no one compares to this.  We don’t use cheap vacuums with plastic bags, we use large metal tank systems.

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Please select from the links below on the left for the type of floor removal you need and you will be taken to the appropriate page on our website which shows videos, photos and testimonials:

Dust Free Tile Removal – This page shows different videos including marble removal (which at least twice as hard as builder grade ceramic or porcelain) and there are different video pages below depending on if you have saltillo, slate, travertine or flagstone.

Dust Free Glued Engineered Hardwood Removal – Talk about difficult, removing hardwood is not fun, for any company, especially one like ours since it’s all done by hand without the use of a ride on floor scraper.  See how we are able to remove it dust free, there are multiple types of wood removal on that page.

Dust Free Saltillo Tile Removal – One of the most difficult types of tiles to remove, we remove it with no dust.  Visit the page and listen to the homeowners’ testimonial, watch as she stands by us as we remove her old saltillo.

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Dust Free Thinset Removal – For those who have already removed their tile, we remove the thinset, mortar, grout and get you back to bare concrete.carpet removal Arizona Home Floors

Carpet Removal & Dust Free Floor Grinding – If you are going from carpet to tile, after the carpet has been removed, we grind the floors dust free to remove paint and glue in preparation for new flooring to be installed, very few companies prepare the floors like this and few, if any, will show videos on this floor preparation process.

Concrete and Wood Subfloor Profiling – After removing carpet, on a concrete slab you would have paint and glue and should be removed prior to new flooring installation.  For homes that have a wood subfloor, after carpet has been removed there are many staples that are still stuck and would have to be removed, this page goes over how we prepare the floors for new installation.

Dust Free Travertine Tile Removal – There is a reason why you don’t find many videos of travertine removal, it’s messy, it’s difficult and very few companies have the equipment to remove it without making a mess.  More videos are coming soon of a recent project we did.

Dust Free Slate Tile Removal – Slate is one of those tiles that come up in small pieces, but it also comes up in layers, so it’s twice as difficult as your standard builder grade ceramic.  This is why you never see videos of the removal process, until now.

Dust Free Shower Tile Removal – Showers are very difficult and quite time-consuming.  A master bathroom shower can take over four hours to remove the shower tile and the shower pan, watch the video on the page to learn mastic removal

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Dust Free Black Mastic Removal – We are able to remove this old glue without any dust, you will see on the videos how we are able to grind everything away, leaving only a raw concrete floor behind.

Dust Free Backsplash and Countertop Removal – Hard to remove these areas without using a self cleaning vacuum.  We use custom PulseRam vacuums, which retail for over $13,000 for the removal.

Dust Free Flagstone Removal – Watch the only video on the internet of flagstone tile being removed dust free.  It takes about two days to remove 1,000 square feet of flagstone and to grind the floors to prepare for new flooring.

Dust Free Linoleum & Vinyl Removal – Old linoleum was all the rage back in the 1960-1980s, but in 2019, no one wants it.  We occasionally come across it under existing tile, watch how we are able to grind it all away completely dust free.

Dust Free Epoxy & Microtopping with Stamped Concrete Removal – All of these are very difficult to remove, but using our patented equipment we are able to remove it all dust free.

Dust Free Concrete Channeling (Also Known as Trenching)

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The below videos are available, we just haven’t built a webpage for them yet, but call us to request them:

Dust Free Limestone Removal (Just added on 9/10/2019)

Dust Free Marble Tile Removal (Coming Soon)

Dust Free Porcelain Plank Wood Look Tile Removal (Coming Soon)

Dust Free Fireplace Removal (Coming Soon)

Facts about Arizona Home Floors you need to be aware of when shopping around:

  • Most jobs are completed in a single day depending on the size of the project
  • We only do dust free flooring removal, so there is no sales tax
  • Our crews are well trained and our company has been doing dust free tile and flooring removal since 2008, longer than anyone else
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured, our license number is #291708
  • We carry an A+ rating from the BBB
  • We have numerous five-star reviews on Yelp, Google Business and Angie’s list.
  • We carry more than 20 custom made grinding wheels in order to have the right one for your project
  • There are usually five or six crew members on a job site, each crew member uses a separate $13,000 PulseRam vacuum system
  • We train and certify contractors from around the country on the DustRam System, you can find a map with a list of dust free contractors throughout the country here:
  • We use contracts for all projects and put a guarantee in writing that your home will be cleaner when we leave than when we arrive
  • Our process for removal ensures that the toxic silica dust is captured as the tile is being removed, preventing it from ever going airborne and contaminating your home

Our normal business hours are from 7:00 AM until 4:00 PM Monday through Friday but we do have an answering service to take your calls anytime, please call TODAY to book your project or receive an estimate: (480) 418-1635

You may complete the form below and upload pictures of your project:

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  • We need your address so we can look at the logictics of where you live and we may also be able to pull up important information about your home including square footage, year built and possible photos from an old listing.
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  • Use this box to add a message or questions for us. You can send us photos via the upload file link (SEE ABOVE). If you are looking on pricing, estimates and scheduling, please let us know what type(s) of flooring you are looking to get removed (ceramic, stone, wood, carpet) and what size the flooring is, such as 12 by 12 inches for tile or 6 by 36 for wood look tile. Thank you.

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