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  • Coating Removal:  Do you have polished, stained, epoxied, or otherwise coated concrete?  These contaminants must be removed before installing any type of bonded or adhered wood, tile, vinyl, or carpet flooring.
  • Crack Membrane Removal:  Find out what might be hiding under your old floors and the effects it can have on the total cost of removing tile, stone, ceramic and porcelain.
  • Concrete Grinding, Floor GrindingConcrete Floor Grinding:  Have you just discovered really cracked, wavy, or heaved concrete?  Un-level concrete can ruin the look of your new flooring, and will void manufacturer’s warranties.  Doing it right always makes a big difference in the finished quality of your new flooring.
  • Concrete Leveling, Level Concrete Floor, Leveling Concrete Floors, Concrete Floor Leveling, Leveling a Concrete Floor:  Discover how proper leveling adds value to your home, and ensures that you receive a full manufacturer’s warranty on material, including a lifetime warranty on labor.
  • Floor Leveling: Why is a super level floor so important? Learn why here.
  • Surface Preparation: How to ensure the lasting value of your new floor installation.
  • Thinset Removal:  Have you already removed your tile and are unable to remove the thinset?
  • Clean Tile Removal, Tile Removal, Tile Removal Crew: How having the right equipment can make the difference in keeping your home clean, and also save you money.
  • Crack Isolation:  When major cracks interfere with the proper installation of Stone, Tile, or Porcelain, this is how we handle this situation.
  • Concrete Crack Repair:  On almost every project we find large cracks in need of concrete crack repair.
  • Hardwood Floor Installation: Learn about our process.
  • Phoenix Tile Removal
  • Chandler Tile Removal