We created this page and video to show how our concrete grinding services are unique.  Our concrete grinding equipment shown is not typical of most installer’s, in fact, most have not invested in any of this equipment.

Here’s a short video that will help you understand how concrete grinding is done and why it’s so important.

After you watch the video, call (480) 418-1635, and I’ll be glad to answer your questions or set up an on-site visit to discuss how to prepare your subfloor.

In this concrete grinding video, you’ll see why:

  • How the right concrete grinding equipment can smooth an uneven concrete subfloor, paving the way for a flawless flooring installation.
  • Our concrete grinding equipment will keep your home much cleaner.  In fact, our industrial vacuums actually clean the air in your home while we are working!  The concrete grinding equipment typically used by our competitors can cover your home and everything in it with concrete dust.
  • Our concrete grinding technique is the most cost-effective.  Since we don’t spend time cleaning filters, we can finish the job in about half the time our competitors need.  That translates into big savings (and a cleaner home) for you.
  • You’ll never want concrete grinding to be done in your home without this professional equipment.

We use the finest concrete grinding equipment, and our dustless technique is ideal for people who are renovating while living in the home.  Our high tech equipment captures all of the concrete dust before it can escape into your home.

Contractors and homeowners often discover issues like humps or old coatings on the subfloor only after they remove the old flooring, and don’t know how to fix the problem.  We can help!

  • Dust free concrete grinding to level floors which have cracked or heaved.
  • Dust free mortor and thinset removal.
  • Dust free removal of all coatings, adhesives, epoxies, drywall mud, sealers, and curing agent.
  • Dust free means no gritty concrete dust in your home and in your lungs…and no mess for you to clean up.

We specialize in concrete grinding and concrete leveling.  Getting a concrete floor truly level is an exacting process, and we give the proces the care it deserves.  It is only with a level and flat floor that your new flooring can successfully be installed.  If you painted a car without sanding the old paint and fixing the dents, could you really expect to have a finish you could be proud of?  How long would it be before the paint started to peel?  Because we are a high quality floor installation company too, you can be assured that we know exactly how flat and level the sub floor needs to be.  When you have the right floor preparation, you know that your finished floor will stand the test of time!

Concrete grinding takes a lot of equipment and expertise.  Our concrete grinding equipment can grind wet or dry.  Wet grinding requires a lot of preparation, and produces a sloppy concrete sludge that has to be disposed of, so it’s really not a suitable method for interior spaces.  Dry concrete grinding is the perfect method to use inside a home as long as the correct type of industrial vacuum is used.  Plus, the whole process is fast and clean.  Dry concrete grinding does heat up the diamond grinding wheels, and they work much les efficiently when they are hot.  This is why we have invested in a double set of concrete grinding equipment.  We simply alternate grinders at intervals of about 15 minutes, so we are always using a cool blade.

Since concrete grinding is normally charged by the hour, a quicker, more efficient process will save you money.  It is unlikely that you will find anyone else who has made the equipment investment needed to use our method.  Most contractors have only one standard 7″ concrete grinding machine.  After a very short time the blade will overheat, making it much less effective.  This will greatly slow down the grinding process, meaning you will be asked to pay for more hours.

We have invested in all the equipment needed for concrete grinding floors efficiently.  This means on your project you will have the best concrete grinding equipment available.  Most installers have invested a total of about $400.00 in one 7″ standard type of concrete grinder, usually without the dust control equipment necessary to keep from filling your home with dust.  You probably have heard horror stories about gritty concrete dust permeating everything in the whole house, making clean-up a long, unpleasant process.  We guarantee that this will not happen to you!

We are often called to repair and flatten concrete floors that are so wavy and far from level that no installer wants to be responsible for repairing them.  If you are a homeowner or contractor who needs a company highly skilled in concrete grinding and concrete leveling, please contact us.

Please keep in mind:

Nearly all our competitors use ineffecient grinders, and usually with no dust collection equipment.  They cost more because they aren’t efficient, and could potentially leave a swath of dust that fills every inch of your home.

Please (480) 418-1635 for your concrete grinding.

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