Here is a video that will help you understand how dust free thinset removal is done and why it’s so important.

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We created this page to show how our dust free services are unique.  We also recommend you research OSHA and their page on the dangers of exposure to silica dust from removing thinset from a concrete floor.

A common question asked by people who call Arizona Home Floors is will their floors be ready for new tile/wood to be installed?  For that answer, please click the photos you see below and that give you a great idea, but typically, in over 95 of cases, YES, the floors are all prepared and ready to go for new floor installation.

If you see the video that is on this page above, you can clearly see the bare concrete subfloor and how well it looks.  Below is a video showing saltillo tile thinset being removed:

thinset removal toolThere are rare cases where a customer has issues with a floor not being level, and we can definitely assist with leveling your concrete floor or where they need concrete floor grinding for hardwood floor installation.

Our dustless equipment that removes thinset is currently patent pending, but our certified DustRam contractors use this on all their tile removal projects.

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We’ll be glad to answer your questions or set up an on-site visit to discuss how our dust free removal process can benefit you.

We specialize in residential flooring remodels, and removing thinset without dust is part of the process that most homeowners prefer.

after thinset is removed from concrete.

Image of what it typically looks like after Arizona Home Floors has removed your thinset dustless!  Click to expand in a new window

The removal of thinset from concrete floors can be a messy, dirty process without the proper equipment and knowledge.  As you can tell from the picture to the left, this is a great before and after image of what to expect when your thinset has been removed safely and dust free!

We have a special process of removing floor tile and thinset, that eliminates any dust!

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The DustRam System tile removal process flattens the higher spots, while preserving the thinset in the lower spots.

Floor Preparation in Phoenix

The DustRam® System  Equipment Reduces Floor Preparation!

  • See the mottling effect in the picture to the right?  Most concrete floors have minor imperfections in the sub floor surface.  Our patented process of removing the thinset makes concrete floors smoother, flatter and closer to being installation ready.
  • During the thinset removing process, our DustRam® grinding tools reduce or minimize high spots in your concrete or tile cement board – resulting in dramatically flatter sub floors.
  • Some contracting companies use powerful hammer drills incorrectly during ceramic tile concrete removal which severely damages the surface of your concrete sub floor and incurs additional unanticipated repair costs.
saltillo tile thinset thickness

Click here to open this picture in a new window, it shows just how thick the thinset is compared to Jack’s finger. This saltillo thinset needs to be ground down and removed prior to installation of new floors.

  • With our DustRam® System, your sub floor is typically better prepared for the next installation of new ceramic tile, stone, hardwood, laminate or any other flooring you select.
  • If you or your installer believe there is a hump in your floor that needs to be ground down to install your new flooring, it could actually be a low spot in the sub floor that creates the illusion of a hump.  We recommend you watch the short video below to see why using a 5′, 6′, or 8′ straight-edge can be incredibly inaccurate for properly determining the flatness of your floor.
  •  High or low spots are best identified by using multiple straight-edges of at least a 10′ or longer length.

We can be reached by calling: (480) 418-1635

removing thinset from saltillo

Just as with the image shown previously with Jack’s finger, this shows just how thick the thinset from saltillo tile is compared to the bare concrete floor around it. Click the image to open in a new window.

We remove floor tile with an extremely clean method we have perfected, and our competitors do it in the usual messy, dusty fashion, leaving your whole house covered in fine dust.

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Please call (480) 418-1635 for your dust-free removal of thinset from concrete floors.

dust free thinset removal

Click this picture to expand it and see just what dustless thinset removal looks like in a nice before and after picture.

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before and after thinset removal

Click the picture to expand and see before and after we removed this thick thinset dust free!


If you are a company that is interested in purchasing this grinding shroud which we named the SurfRam, please call the DustRam main office at 480-428-3880 or email


Here is a video showing what it typically looks like on homes where there were a lot of micro high and low spots, the floor is much more flatter when we are finished:

The video below shows some of what to expect when a floor has hundreds of micro high and low spots.

The floors are now prepared for the installers to come and put down new wood look tile.  It not only saves them time, but it makes sure that the concrete floors have the thinset completely removed to guarantee a great installation.


Please call (480) 418-1635 for your dust-free removal of thinset from concrete floors.

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