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If you want the classic beauty of hardwood floors in a special home you plan to own for many years, you deserve an experienced, reputable contractor who provides top-quality floor installation.  When it comes to customer satisfaction, Arizona Home Floors is second to none.  Our unique services are for the particular homeowner who seeks the highest quality materials and workmanship.  Our services are also for those who refuse to compromise the health and cleanliness of their home during the remodeling process.

The DustRam System: Technology that keeps your home Clean and Safe

We have exclusive access to the technologically advanced, patented DustRam® System.  We developed this system of proprietary equipment for extremely rapid, ultra-clean, dust-free tile/floor removal and concrete leveling.

We install hardwood flooring under the following conditions:

1.  We perform the tear-out of old flooring (if not already done).

2.  We professionally prepare the sub floor to create the flooring industry’s definition of a “super-flat floor.”  In most cases, a general price range is $8.00-$13.00/ft.

3.  We provide the adhesive.  We use Mapei Ecobond 995, an ultra-premium, sound deadening, moisture vapor protection adhesive compatible with our Mapei leveling products.

 4. Our schedule must be able to accommodate your installation.

Most salespeople avoid or dodge the subject of floor preparation.  We give you straight talk and plain facts.  Almost daily, we talk to homeowners who felt tricked into a purchase by a salesperson who convinced them their floor installation would be inexpensive, simple, and easy.  Many retailers reinforce this misconception by promising one-day installations.

Our Knowledge of Floor Preparation helps Uncover Expensive Surprises in Advance  

Fact:  Installation of hardwood flooring is not just pulling out an old floor and installing a new one.  Unfortunately, most homeowners learn this the hard way–after their flooring is removed and they are confronted with additional floor preparation expenses.  With their home in disarray, they have no choice but to pay the increased price or cancel their contract. You can avoid such a distressing situation by consulting us before your purchase.  We will help you determine if your budget covers possible major floor preparation, or if it is better suited to different flooring.  Knowing the facts up front saves you time, money, and grief.

Fact:  The cost of a basic installation does not cover major floor preparation.  You can verify this by asking your salesperson or by reading the fine print in your contract.  Major preparation needed to satisfy wood and adhesive manufacturers’ specifications for warranty purposes can sometimes cost much more than the installation.  This is because considerable equipment and materials are needed to properly flatten the concrete.

Straight talk about concrete:  Concrete can have one or more problems: it can be of poor workmanship, it can contain large cracks that sometimes heave from our expansive soil, and it can be contaminated from prior adhesives or paint.  These are big surprises to the unprepared–surprises that cannot be remedied with cheap equipment and a couple of bags of leveler.  Major floor preparation requires a skilled professional with the right equipment.  With our DustRam® System we flatten concrete to an amazing 1/16” in 50 linear feet, dust free.

Straight talk for DIY’s:  Handy do-it-yourselfers often underestimate the difficulty of removing tile, stone or saltillo installed with latex modified thin-set; they are also ill-equipped to do the work required for proper concrete preparation.  Jackhammers and floor grinders from big box stores are ineffective and can leave a home a horrible dusty mess that may require months of intensive cleaning.

Why waste your valuable time and money trying to do difficult, exacting work that may have a poor or failed outcome?  We recommend you leave the job to professionals.  Our videos fully demonstrate our experience, knowledge, and superior equipment.  Once you entrust the job to us, you can relax and look forward to a floor installation that is flawless and stress-free.

Floors that make them say “WOW!”

If you are passionate about beautifying your home with hardwood floors people will “wow” over, we would be pleased to work with you to make that a reality.  If you want a floor installation of exceptional dependability and quality, look no further than Arizona Home Floors.

Please call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail for all your hardwood floor installation needs.

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