Here’s a few videos to help you understand how a level concrete floor is done and why it’s so important. 

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Why is a level concrete floor necessary?  When installing different types of flooring, a level concrete floor is important to you for many reasons.  With a level concrete floor, you can be assured that all types of flooring are installed at their possible best .  A manufacturer’s warranty, along with a labor warranty are also achieved with a level concrete floor.  Those annoying dips and valleys are also eliminated, and tripping hazards are gone with a level concrete floor.

  • Low or sunken concrete
  • Wavy or un-even concrete
  • Different elevations of concrete slabs
  • Concrete adjoining the main house with an arizona room

az-level-concrete-floorVery few concrete finisher take the time necessary to make the original concrete flat and level.  The heat, humidity, and time of the year can also affect the final levelness of a concrete slab.  Most surface preparation costs could be eliminated simply by having the concrete finishers take more time.  Concrete which has been poured incorectly, almost always needs either concrete grinding or concrete leveling, which makes a level concrete floor, or a combination of the two.

Many novices, and even those in the flooring installation industry think “self leveling underlayments” are self leveling under all circumstances.  This is incorrect!  In this picture you can see that an aluminum screed is used to control the application of the leveler.  Without this, the leveler could actually create a hump and cause new problems.  Since this product is expensive, it should not be applied by novices, or flooring installers without the proper experience and equipment.  Once dried, it is extremely difficult to grind if a hump was accidentally created. Dried leveler is much harder to grind than concrete, so please don’t find this out the hard way!

“Profiling” of the concrete is important for those areas that will receive the leveler.  Profiling removes the complete top layer of concrete to reveal the raw concrete below.  Primers are not very effective on old concrete floors with paint, drywall, old coatings, and adhesives still covering them.  These old coatings and adhesives are bond breakers, and you run the risk of failure where the leveler is concerned.  This is why novices who lack the equipment to prepare the old concrete, should not attempt to install self leveler.  We’ve seen cases where entire sections of leveler have peeled away like a potato chip because of improper preparation.  Remember, you get one chance to use this leveler, and if you get it wrong, everything else will fail.

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