Here’s a few videos to help you understand how leveling a concrete floor is done and why it’s so important.  After you watch the leveling a concrete floor video, call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail.  I’ll be glad to answer your questions or set up an on-site visit to discuss how our leveling a concrete floor process can benefit you.

Why should leveling a concrete floor be such an important part of a flooring installation?  Leveling a concrete floor is an intregal part of this process, and is important when low lying areas are found in your concrete sub floor.  All your large format flooring such as tile, stone, wood, laminate, etc. can now be installed with professional results.  Manufacturer’s are quick to deny a claim on flooring unless you have planned on leveling a concrete floor.  With leveling a concrete floor, you can now be assured that your homes value has been maximized.

  • Low or sunken concrete
  • Wavy or un-even concrete
  • Different elevations of concrete slabs
  • Concrete adjoining the main house with an arizona room

az-leveling-a-concrete-floorIn a perfect world all the concrete finishers wouldn’t cut so many corners.  And all the soil would be compacted properly.  Sadly, this is not the case.  We live in a society where “track home” mentality is the norm among nearly all contractors.  The problem now becomes magnified when trying to install large format flooring such as wood, laminate, stone, porcelain, etc.  When the soil below has heaved, this can cause enormous humps that usually require some form of concrete grinding.  Surface preparation costs could be minimized if better workmanship is implemented.  Concrete that has already been poured incorrectly, leaves little choice but to utilize either concrete grinding or concrete leveling.  It’s usually a combination of the two that’s needed on most jobs.

Leveler is mixed with water to a very thin and smooth consistency.  Once mixed, it takes great skill and experience to know how to properly pour the leveler.  It is so easy to get this wrong if you don’t do this for a living!  The biggest and most costliest mistake most novices and installers make is by over pouring the leveler, resulting in humps where there was once a depression.  The cost of leveler is not cheap, nor is the labor to prepare and install it.  Why would you as a homeowner or businessperson spend the money if the process isn’t going to be done properly?  Leveler which is poured excessively will cause humps which are nearly impossible to grind away.  The leveler is about 4 times harder to grind than its concrete sub floor counterpart.  This is not for beginners!

Most people don’t realize how much surface preparation needs to take place before the leveler is applied.  Our method is tried and true, with no failures ever!  We have special dustless equipment that will remove a very tiny layer of concrete from the existing sub floor.  This exposes the fresh and raw concrete, allowing the leveler to really bond.  This process is called “mechanical scarification,” and removes about 1/32″ of the concrete.  The leveler now has the best opportunity for bonding than any primer could ever provide.

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