Soft Concrete On A Slab On Ground Foundation

Here are a few pictures of soft concrete that was found on both wood removal and tile removal jobs:


In the video below, Jack King of Arizona Home Floors explains what homeowners need to know when they discover they have soft concrete.

DustRam and Arizona Home Floors DO NOT recommend using a ride on floor removal machine due to the damage it can cause.

Soft concrete is unavoidable, but using a ride on floor stripper is, please never use one on your home.

Below is the video showing what we found when we visited a customer’s home who had hired a company that used a ride on floor stripping machine:

Here is a link to a video showing how even the design of the DustRam is superior to others flooring removal tools:

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If your flooring store, flooring installer or floor removal company is NOT using this system, then you can expect your customers home to be filled with dust when any tile or thinset is removed.

Here is a video comparing traditional flooring removal versus dust free:

Learn more about the difference between traditional tile floor removal and what our system does by reading this article here:


Here is a video of our system in action in our hometown:

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