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At Arizona Home Floors, we specialize in dust free tile removal as well as dustless removing of carpet, wood and stone floors.

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Here is a testimonial that we received recently:

Hi Jack,

I am blown away!  You must get tired of hearing feedback like mine from your customers, but I am absolutely blown away.

Watching the videos posted on your website don’t even do justice to your tile removal process, not only because you have to see with your own eyes everything that is involved, but also because your website can’t convey the personalized service you provide through prompt phone contacts and emails, as well as the technology that allows down-to-the-inch accuracy in measurements.

When Jack and MaryAnne measured our tile, that was my first hint that this experience would be different than I’m used to.

I’m so accustomed to mediocre or downright bad customer service that I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the outstanding service that you and every single person on the AZ Home Floors team has given us since my very first contact.

I’m almost hesitant to submit any reviews for fear that my glowing comments will sound fake, but I will definitely submit one to the Better Business Bureau.  We will also be singing your praises to anyone and everyone who will listen if they’re in the market for tile removal!

Tile Removal Phoenix

The entire team was amazing to watch, and they all coordinated tasks together like a well-oiled machine.

They all worked diligently and carefully, and when they encountered any issues that raised questions, they didn’t hesitate to discuss them with me to make sure I was happy.

When they showed us the 5 vacuum containers filled with hundreds of pounds of dust, I was SO thankful to know that all that dust wasn’t sitting inside my house on the shelves and counter-tops, inside the cupboards, in the window coverings, bedding and carpeting, clinging to the walls and ceilings, lurking in closets and every nook and cranny.

Arizona Home Floors can be reached by calling: (480) 418-1635 or E-mail

We had relatives, friends and neighbors stop by to see what was going on, and all of them were as astonished as we were that there wasn’t any dust.

It’s really unbelievable until you see it work.

I kept walking around the house sweeping my hand over counter-tops and furniture, and there just wasn’t any dust.  The accuracy allowed with your equipment combined with the skills of your employees is impressive, and I’m still floored (pun intended, ha!) at how fast they were able to complete the job.

Phoenix Tile Removal

While your team was here working, my neighbor from across the street was out front and we chatted for a few minutes.

She had tile removed in her house about a month earlier.  She said she still hadn’t been able to clean up the dust left behind on everything.

She said she thought briefly about hiring a “no-dust” company but that people who did that had told her it wasn’t worth it because they were still left with a huge dusty mess.

When I said she wouldn’t believe it but that we did not have any dust, she firmly said that we still would have it, and then she mentioned that the water was the worst part.

Apparently, some companies spray water to try to keep the dust down?

Oh dear.  I told her that you use vacuums, not water, and she made a final comment insisting that I’d have dust to clean up and then she scurried back into her house.

I should have grabbed her by the arm and dragged her inside my house to see for herself!  She would be kicking herself for not knowing about your process.

I’m convinced that I got very lucky when I found AZ Home Floors while searching for local tile removal.

I’m also convinced that it’s only a matter of time until this method of tile removal becomes the standard in the industry.  Not only does every homeowner and business want a dust-free tile removal process, I would think anyone who does the work of removing tile prefers and deserves a dust-free environment to work in every day.

I would imagine one of your toughest challenges is overcoming the perception of the existing standard in tile removal, and convincing people that your process really does work.

Thank you so much for the time you spent making sure all my questions were answered and that we were happy every step of the way.

Please pass on our thanks to the rest of the team.  It must be wonderful to work for a stand-out company that provides a much needed, much-appreciated service!


Susan M.

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