The DustRam® System is made up of our proprietary, patented equipment, specially developed processes and highly trained flooring professionals. The DustRam® System provides an incredibly fast and ultra-clean way to remove tile or other flooring materials, thinset, coatings or adhesives in your home. There is no need for plastic sheeting or tape for dust control. Our videos accurately depict the DustRam® System in action.

If you speak to any number of individuals who have had tile removed, the general consensus is it is worse than getting a root canal. Traditional methods of tile removal create unbelievable amounts of dust that permeate into all areas of your home. A typical 1,000 square feet of ceramic tile will produce about 600 or more pounds of dust. However, the DustRam® System provides for the removal of flooring material without the fear of toxic, dangerous silica concrete dust invading and overtaking every square inch of your living space by capturing it at the source.
The use of plastic and tape might be appropriate for a very small, confined area like a bathroom or closet. When taking the plastic down, it is impossible to avoid having a large portion of the dust on the plastic introduced into the air within your home. If installers attempt to remove larger areas of tile in your home, plastic and tape do very little to protect your walls, ceilings, furniture, closets, window treatments, electronics, etc. The DustRam® System is the best way to prevent dust migration since it captures it the split second it is created. Our crews can remove tile from inside closets with the clothes still hanging and pantry’s with food still in them DUST FREE.
Remember the saying “Buyer Beware.” Some flooring retailers have special agreements with their installer that they have to remove the tile for free in exchange for getting installations. Therefore, these installers have no motivation to make any attempt to control the dust since there is no money in it. Speed is their only concern since they will only get paid for what they install, not tear-out. As you might suspect, these installers usually do not remove all the thinset and may actually lay the new floor over inconsistent heights of old thinset. Flooring installed this way has two big problems: it is not aesthetically pleasing, and it often fails in a short time. “Free” tile removal is often more expensive, time consuming, and disappointing to the homeowner than doing it “Dust Free” with the DustRam® System.
Absolutely! If you have any questions about the cleanliness of the amazing DustRam® System equipment to remove your tile, please take a few minutes to watch some of our videos showing how the equipment works.
The DustRam® System is most beneficial for those homeowners or individuals with health issues such as asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, the elderly, those who are health-conscious, or discriminating about quality, workmanship and value.

Arizona Home Floors has a unique and highly accurate process for determining high and low spots in concrete subfloors. Our process involves using multiple straight-edges of 10′ or more to assess the concrete. To understand the complexity of determining the flatness of your floor, we recommend you watch the short video below to see why using a 5′, 6′, or 8′ straight-edge to determine flatness provides inaccurate results.

If your existing concrete slab has a condition known as “Soft Concrete,” you could be faced with additional costs for major floor preparation. Below is a short video that explains this condition and what the concrete slab could look like after removing old flooring.

Sure. Whether the home is empty or occupied, the DustRam® System can prevent very expensive damage to your concrete and central air handling system. With traditional methods of tile removal, the outdated tools can actually cause severe concrete damage, as well as fill your air ducts and heating and cooling system components with large amount of fine dust. In addition, your walls and ceilings will probably be covered with dust too. Professional cleaning is very expensive and this type of dust requires multiple cleanings. The DustRam® System has been designed to preserve the integrity of your concrete, capture all the dust created during the tile and thinset removal process, and protect your investment in your new home.
If you take pride in the quality of the properties you buy and are looking to increase their value to make more profit, the answer is yes. Besides removing tile dust-free, the DustRam® System removes thinset without damaging soft concrete, which occurs in about 40% of concrete. Your subfloors will also be dramatically flattened in the process so any new flooring installed is going to look much nicer to a prospective home buyer. You will also find that the installation of new flooring is faster, more precise, and requires less thinset or adhesive, saving money on labor and materials.
The DustRam® System is perfect for remodeling projects you design and gives you a competitive edge over other re-modelers. Imagine the unique market you can now access – very particular customers, those with allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions, those willing to spend a little more money to have it done dust free. Many clients are unwilling to change the old flooring because they are aware of the harmful dust and debris created in the process. Offering the DustRam® System instead of traditional tile removal methods sets your business apart from the competition and creates endless possibilities. The time will soon come when clients will demand floor removal dust free and the DustRam® System will service these clients.

Yes! Since you are an expert at installing floors, you have recognized that we are experts at removing them with our DustRam® System. Not only will we remove the floors cleanly and quickly, they will be measurably flatter and better prepped for an easier installation. This will give your customer the best possible experience and satisfied customers will be more likely to refer you to their friends, co-workers, family, church members, etc. Changing your current business model to incorporate the DustRam® System will be one of the best business decisions you ever make.

Depending on our scheduled projects, we will do work throughout Arizona until contractors in other areas can fulfill customer demand by purchasing the DustRam® System equipment. Projects in outlying areas may require additional charges to cover expenses but if you absolutely require dust free, please call us to discuss your project and date when you are looking to have it done.

Arizona Home Floors specialized in high-end flooring installations for over 30 years although we now do more flooring removal and leveling than anything else. The photos show how well the floors turned out after installation and due to patents pending on the DustRam™ System equipment, we choose only to show the finished results. Our videos show the process of using this state-of-the-art technology that developed over years of doing installations. Flooring installation is no longer a service we offer, however, we have trusted partners for ally types of floor covering installations we can recommend to you upon request.

Pricing is determined by several factors:

  • What city you are located in (Phoenix, Lake Havasu, Tucson, Mesa)
  • What type of residence you have (single story home, condo, townhome, high-rise)
  • How large your tiles are (12×12, 20×20)
  • What rooms the tiles are located in your home (basement, kitchen, bathroom)

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