We created this page and video to show how our concrete floor grinding services are unique.  Our concrete floor grinding equipment shown is not typical of most installer’s, in fact, most have not invested in any of this equipment.  Here’s a short video that will help you understand how concrete floor grinding is done and why it’s so important.  After you watch the concrete floor grinding video, call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail and we’ll be glad to answer your questions or set up an on-site visit to discuss how to prepare your subfloor.

If you have found your way here, concrete floor grinding can fix your un-even and wavy floors.  We use the finest concrete floor grinding equipment and our virtually dustless technique is perfect for people who already occupy their homes.  This high tech concrete floor grinding equipment captures virtually all of the concrete dust before it can escape into your home.  Sometimes concrete floor grinding is used to grind down large humps in concrete, expecially those areas which have cracks.  When concrete cracks, it usually heaves, causing a hump.  If those humps have been covered with carpet, padding, or other flooring, these humps usually aren’t discovered until the old flooring has been removed.  Perhaps you are a Contractors or a homeowner that has just discovered a horrible concrete sub floor, and don’t know who to call to fix the problem.  We can help!

  • Virtually dustless concrete floor grinding to level floors which have cracked or heaved.
  • Virtually dustless mortor removal and thinset removal.
  • Virtually dustless removal of all coatings, adhesives, epoxies, drywall mud, sealers, and curing agents.
  • Virtually dustless means no gritty concrete dust in your home and in your lungs…and no mess for you to clean up.

We are specialists when it comes to concrete floor grinding.  In fact, we are the most particular concrete floor grinders in our area.  Our concrete floor grinding techniques allow us to easily exceed flooring manufacturer’s specifications for flatness, while completing the process quicker and cleaner.  Getting a concrete floor truly level is an exacting process, and we give the proces the care it deserves.  It is only with a level and flat floor that your new flooring can successfully be installed.  Try looking at it this way:  If you were restoring an expensive car (your home) without sanding the old paint and fixing the dents (leveling and preparing the sub floor), could you really expect to have a finish you could be proud of?  How long would it be before the paint started to peel (floors started to lift or separate)?  Your home is one of your biggest investments, so cutting corners in those important areas cuts your investment too.  Because we are a high quality flooring installation company, you can be assured that we know exactly how flat and level the sub floor needs to be.  When you have the right surface preparation, you know that your finished floor will stand the test of time!  If you decide to have us grind and flatten your concrete, you are eligible for a lower price on the installation of your flooring too.

Please call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail for your concrete floor grinding.

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