We created this page and video to show how our concrete floor leveling services are unique.  Our concrete floor leveling equipment shown is not typical of most installer’s, in fact, most have not invested in any of this equipment.  Here’s a short video that will help you understand how concrete floor leveling is done and why it’s so important.  After you watch the concrete floor leveling video, call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail and we will be glad to answer your questions or set up an on-site visit to discuss how to prepare your subfloor.

Why is concrete floor leveling necessary?  Concrete floor leveling should always be considered when an un-level concrete floor has been found.  With concrete floor leveling, your large tiles, stone, porcelain, ceramic, wood, and laminate will install flawlessly.  Concrete floor leveling means you no longer need to worry about the manufacturer denying a claim based on the lack of surface preparation.  Concrete floor leveling is part of a quality installation, and adds value to your home.

  • Low or sunken concrete
  • Wavy or un-even concrete
  • Different elevations of concrete slabs
  • Concrete adjoining the main house with an arizona room

az-concrete-floor-levelingSome of the reasons why concrete floor leveling becomes necessary is due to concrete finishers cutting corners.  Sometimes the ground below the slab expanded, causing cracks and humps.  We find the larger share of surface preparation costs would be unnecessary if better workmanship would have observed.  The bad news is once the concrete has been installed, there is simply no other way to change un-levelness, except by either concrete grinding or concrete floor leveling.  It’s not uncommon that both methods become necessary to correct concrete un-levelness.

Even though the leveler is very thin when mixed, it does take planning to know how and where to pour the leveler.  The term “self leveling” is very deceiving!  It takes great skill and experience to know how to properly apply this product without waste, and without causing more problems.  With an un-controlled pour, you can easily get too much material in an area, resulting in humps.  Leveler is very expensive, as well as the labor to prepare and install it.  There’s no sense in spending the money to do this if it isn’t going to be done properly.  Novices and beginners often “over pour,” resulting in large and small humps.  This problem causes now yet another problem.  A hump caused by an over pour is extremely difficult to grind away and is approximately 4 times harder to grind than concrete.

Before the leveler is applied, the old concrete should be properly prepared first.  “Mechanical scarification” is first on the list.  This removes any debris, both chemical and physical that is on the top of the concrete.  The cleaner and more “raw” the concrete, the better the leveler will bond.  The leveler is now assured to have the best and most powerful bond available.

Please call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail for your concrete floor leveling.

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