Take your flooring project to a new level with the best concrete levelers in Phoenix

To achieve the best results for your flooring installation project, you need to start off with a perfectly level & FLAT floor.  Our team has completed thousands of flooring installs and have the skills, including proprietary equipment to completely flatten your subfloor dust free with the DustRam™ System.

What exactly is a “DustRam System Super Flattened Sub Floor?”

This is a sub floor that greatly exceeds a flooring manufacturer’s requirements for flatness over the entire floor, and the process is completed dust free using the DustRam System.  The benefits of this system, are these specially flattened subfloors have no appreciable difference in height – no high or low points anywhere.  In effect, they have been flattened to a tolerance of 1/16” in 50 linear feet, and dust free.  At these tight tolerances, extremely large (24”, 36”, 48” and much larger) pieces of tile, stone, granite, and hardwood can be installed to the highest degree of perfection.  If you are particular about your remodeling ideas and will likely own your home for a very long time, this type of high-quality floor preparation is absolutely critical for the longevity of your expensive flooring.

Is concrete leveling required for my flooring installation?

With any type of flooring installation, it is vital to perform concrete leveling beforehand. When your floors are properly prepared and leveled before an install, you can be confident that your finished project will look it’s very best. Concrete leveling also protects your financial investment because many manufacturers’ warranties are void if the flooring is installed over uneven concrete.

Quality workmanship at the slab-pour stage can prevent many surface preparation costs. The only solution for uneven surfaces caused by poor concrete work is to grind the concrete (for high spots) or level the concrete (for low spots). Often a combination of both methods is required to attain a flat floor.

This leads to my next question:  Have you or your installer found what you believe is a hump in need of grinding?  Are you sure it’s hump and not really a low spot, which creates the illusion of a hump?  Watch the short video below and see why using a 5′, 6′, or 8′ straight-edge to determine flatness produces inaccurate results.  See why high or low spots must be assessed using at least a 10′ or longer straight-edge; to ensure total accuracy.

Do your floors have any of these conditions? Then you need concrete leveling.

  • Cracked concrete
  • Different elevations of concrete slabs
  • Wavy or uneven concrete
  • Low or sunken concrete
  • Concrete adjoining the main house with an Arizona room

How can I meet flooring manufacturers’ specifications?

The only way to achieve a subfloor that meets flooring manufacturers’ specifications is with precision grinding and/or leveling underlayment application. Very few flooring contractors in the area have the equipment and expertise to needed to attain a Super Flat Floor. If you work with Jack King, you’ll get a foundation that guarantees the beauty and durability of your new flooring installation.

  • Specialized equipment – We have made significant investments in the equipment needed to produce Super Flat Floors.
    • The best lasers, precision levels, aluminum screeds, large and small grinders, which also use state-of-the-art dust collection equipment known as the DustRam™ System, and other devices needed to flatten a subfloor.
    • We ensure that the entire floor is flat. Just because one section is flat, doesn’t mean that it’s in line with the next section.

The video above demonstrates how the DustRam™ System for concrete leveling was used for a project inside a high-end custom home. The client wanted to remove carpeting and install porcelain plank in its place. Their concrete was incredibly unlevel and the tiles were 1-1/2” above the surface of the concrete – making it impossible to install with any precision. The DustRam™ System flattening project was completed dust free, and without the use of any plastic sheeting.

Flat Floors = Beautiful Floors!

A beautiful new floor with proper surface preparation will increase the value of your home.

  • Super-flat floors are beautiful floors. Installing baseboards over a wavy floor will provide ugly results.
  • Reduce the risk of cracks and annoying height variances of individual tiles.
  • Wood flooring can be glued down without “hollow spots.” 

“Self-leveling underlayments” are expensive, and can become even more expensive if applied improperly.

  • Without the careful use of aluminum leveling screeds, the leveler can easily be over poured, creating a hump.
  • The hump created by over pouring is extremely difficult to grind down once the leveler is dry.
  • It’s about 2-4 times harder to grind concrete leveler than concrete!

The video above shows how we repaired a concrete heave that was caused by a huge Ironwood root at a custom home in Scottsdale. It was the largest concrete heave we had ever seen inside a residential home – measuring a full 1-1/2″ higher than the true elevation it was supposed to be. We also bonded some of the concrete back together with Roadware Concrete Mender to stabilize the slab before flattening it.

The video above was taken in Fountain Hills, AZ.  The customer hired a concrete company to fill his sunken living room & bedroom with concrete.  He commented that he got the project done “really cheap,” but in the end, the old adage “you get what you pay for” came into play.  The concrete workmen were unable to accurately pour the concrete and flatten it.  The concrete dried into an uneven and lumpy mess.  The concrete was so uneven; there was no way carpeting or any other hard surface could be installed.  To make matters worse, the company the customer hired to remove the old Saltillo from the concrete damaged the concrete with their shoddy equipment.

Cutting corners turned out to be a very expensive lesson to learn, and could have been avoided.   I believe there’s a strong message this video contains.  Hire only qualified and experienced workmen with the proper equipment.  Do this first, and your projects will cost you less in the long run!

The video above was taken in a home located in Paradise Valley, AZ.  They were in the last phase of a giant remodeling project, and they were down to the library.  They were planning on installing a leather floor, and the condition of the concrete would not permit this.  Leather flooring requires a “super flat floor” to look its absolute best after the installation.

For additional videos fully demonstrating the entire process from start to finish, please visit our Arizona Home Floors YouTube Channel.

The right foundation can make or break your flooring installation project.  Please call (480) 418-1635 or E-mail for Phoenix concrete leveling.

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