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Dustless Tucson Tile and Flooring Removal By Arizona Home Floors

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Even though we are located in Tempe, we are the absolute best at what we do!  So if you are searching for the right company to remove dust free your ceramic tile choose Arizona Home Floors.  We also remove flagstone, slate, carpet or wood floors in Tucson, Arizona.

Our patented system captures the dangerous silica dust before it goes airborne, preventing it from contaminating your home.

We are licensed, bonded and we are also insured for both personal liability and workers compensation.  Our goal is to leave your home cleaner when we leave than when we arrive.

Before hiring any company to remove your floors, please request to see their license, bond and insurance information as unlicensed contractors cannot perform flooring removal jobs over $1,000, if they do, it is a class 1 misdemeanor.

We get a lot of calls from homeowners in Tucson mainly because they have already lived through removing tile in the past and don’t want a house full of dust.  We have spoken to some companies out in Tucson and they said that the main reason they don’t offer dust free is that homeowners don’t even know this service is available.

Here is a Google search result showing  search results for people looking to remove tile in just Tucson, remember there are surrounding areas:

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That is another reason this page was created.  The residents of Tucson should know about Arizona Home Floors.  We have heard your calls and requests for removing tile dust free and we are willing to travel as long as we are not booked out too far.

Unfortunately, most homeowners call us either right before their scheduled installation or they call after their installer tells them to move out because of the dust.  Rest assured, with our dust free system, you will NOT have to move out during the removal.


Watch this video to see the difference between a traditional flooring removal company versus us:

Please Watch The Floor Being Removed in the Video Below!

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Mesa Tile removal dust free

Why Use Dust Free Tile Floor Removal Contractors in Tucson

When booking a project to remove your old flooring, make sure the contractor is using the DustRam System.  It is the only completely patented system for removing old floors dust free.  Other companies might have a shop vacuum, but that won’t help as those filters get clogged right away, ours are self-cleaning.

The DustRam® System Is The Answer For:

  • Anyone with allergies
  • People with Asthma
  • Older people who are living at home on oxygen
  • Babies, toddlers, children, pets
  • Any occupied home or unoccupied home
  • Those who are about to move into a new home
  • Those who want their home to remain clean during the removal
  • Anyone looking for the best high-quality service
  • Those looking for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor with a great reputation

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Every step of the floor removal job was performed to make sure the crew captured the dust with the patented DustRam System Equipment.

The final step was a thorough cleaning of everywhere dust might have gone if any happened to get away during the floor removal process.

Don’t be confused by other contractors offering “virtually dust free”, see this video to see why virtually dust free is not worth it.

Video above: Virtually Dust Free Travertine Removal WARNING ⚠️ Using a Non DustRam System (A Competitors Dust Commander Attachment)

We now understand why there are so many positive reviews with the Phoenix BBB and highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of work done.

Call Arizona Home Floors TODAY for your Tucson tile removal project: (480) 418-1635