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Did you know tile flooring removal during home improvement can be one of the most dangerous and unhealthy things you do inside the walls of your living space? Removing tile floors is a messy and dirty process when inadequate or no cement dust collection equipment is used.

If you choose a contractor who uses outdated removing methods, the interior of your home will be covered in dust and debris after the job is done. Not only is the dirt unsightly and invasive, it also poses potential health hazards to you and your family as it contains Chrystalline Silica.  Once Silica dust enters the lungs, it is never expelled.

For more information on the dangers of Silica dust, please visit these links at the OSHA web site, Hazards of Silica,Silicosis, and American Thoracic Society (American Lung Association).

The video below is what a traditional tile removing job might look like, in terms of health and dust hazards. We do NOT use the traditional methods as you will see in the videos that follow.

Now that you’ve been shown an example of what traditional flooring removal looks like, we’d like to introduce you to something amazingly different. To keep you and your family safe and to keep your home clean and beautiful, we developed a propietary, patented/patent-pending system of equipment and processes.

Please take a few minutes to watch our videos and see how beneficial our professional staff and our equipment working together can provide you with the cleanest, most efficient, Dust Free flooring removal possible.

Nothing compares to the DustRam® Dustless System

  • DustRam System is a professional, military-grade, no dust removal process.  No other devices or systems can deliver the professional results the DustRam® System is able to provide.
  • We have developed equipment and special processes for tile and thinset removal which virtually eliminates any dust at the source and throughout the removal.
  • Our tile removing equipment is highly specialized, our staff highly trained, and our clients highly satisfied.
  • Currently, no other tile installer or removal crew in Arizona can guarantee the same level of service or dust free removal of tile.  Be careful when getting quotes from other contractors claiming they have “clean tile removal.”  Unless they use the DustRam® System, you will not get the results you expect.

Benefits of the DustRam® System

Faster – Our talented crews, along with our proprietary and specialized equipment, can remove ceramic tile and thinset about 3 times faster than the competition.  Most dust free tile removal projects can be accomplished in 1 day (depending on type of tile & square footage).

Imagine going to work and coming home to find your project finished and your home cleaner than when you left!

Cleaner – That’s right! We GUARANTEE that your home will be cleaner when we are finished than when we started.  Our DustRam® System equipment consists of specialized tools and high performance vacuums that give us the ability to remove large amounts of concrete dust efficiently without contaminating your home and belongings.  In fact, the more electronics, furniture, pictures, drapes, shutters, windows, artwork, cabinets, cookware, and silk flower arrangements you have, the more our services will benefit you.

Better – Our equipment is designed to protect your concrete sub floor, which in many cases is soft concrete. Power hammer drills and floor scrapers for thinset or adhesive removal can destroy the integrity and surface of the floor, resulting in costly repairs or degradation of the quality of the new flooring you have installed. Our surface grinding of the thinset and concrete removes imperfections, actually making the floors measureably flatter and smoother than when they were originally poured.

We do the job Right the First time

As you will see in the video below, there are many inexperienced contractors and subcontractors using inferior equipment to remove flooring, resulting in a dusty, unhealthy mess and possibly unexpected costs to repair damage.  Our DustRam® System equipment by Jack King is the right solution to remove tile. Some contractors use equipment that they claim is “virtually dust free.”

Any savings you wanted to achieve by using the least expensive tile floor removal company will quickly disappear when you have to call someone else to repair your floors or clean your home of the dust and debris they left.  Check the local reviews to find BBB rated businesses.  Do not settle for the cheapest as you may get lousy service.

The video below documents how the DustRam® System equipment can be used to create utility holes in concrete subfloors and it is also done dust free.  Why is this important?  Because many times old water and sewer lines will fail and need to be repaired.  Access to these pipes often means digging through existing ceramic tile.

With our dust free system, the entire repair inside of an occupied home or business can be completed without the need for plastic, tape or water.  Why settle for a false sense of hope against the impending dust when you can rest assured the DustRam® System equipment will not require you to hire an expensive cleaning service afterwards?

The Right Floor Removal Solution for Every Project

When you choose Arizona Home Floors, there is no need to worry if we know what we are doing.  With over 80 years of experience combined in our team members and the best, most technologically advanced DustRam® System equipment, you will see the same results our many clients rave about in their reviews of our company.  We offer removal of the following types of flooring:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Travertine Tile
  • Marble Tile
  • Saltillo Tile
  • Slate, Sandstone & other Stone
  • Mexican Tile
  • Thinset
  • Concrete
  • Carpet, Wood or Vinyl
  • Adhesives
  • Micro-Toppings or Paint

Please contact us today for Phoenix tile removal at 480-659-3199 for more information about Arizona Home Floors services and the DustRam® System equipment and processes for flooring removal. For additional videos fully demonstrating the entire process from start to finish, please visit our Arizona Home Floors YouTube Channel.

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